…. These guys are like the Car Max of Houses in Southern California

Have we confused the hell out of you?

Are we called “IE Mobile Home Buyer”? Are we “HRG Home Buyers”? “How many of us are there?

We’re actually a group of guys and a couple of gals and we “officially” call ourselves HRG Homebuyers (HRG= Home Owners Resource Group).

“Why the two different names?!?”

Well, we realized that manufactured home owners in the greater part of Hemet (Perris, San Jacinto, Neuvo, Homeland, etc)… don’t have someone who’s dedicated to helping them with their mobile home.

Because the reality is:

Most investors/cash buyers and agents don’t touch mobile homes or know what to do with them.

Over the years we’ve found that sometimes mobile homes and single-family houses (yes we do both), are very different.

For instances…

  • They aren’t worth the same… (so people don’t know how to value them)
  • They’re built differently… (So the remodeling process is different)
  • They’re harder to sell… (The buyers are as frequent, so it takes longer to sell)
  • You can’t get a loan as easily… (very few banks give loans on mobile homes on land. So finding a buyer that qualifies is tough; It’s a cash business instead).

Because of these issues, and because manufactured homeowners in Hemet were being neglected by agents and cash buyers (that flip houses). We (HRG Homebuyers) decided to create a new “brand” (IE Mobile Home Buyer)…

… that helps mobile homeowners (with land) in the larger Hemet area get out of their sticky situations…


  • not being able to afford their payment
  • Inherited a mobile home you don’t want
  • Tired of land-lording a manufactured house
  • Getting out of Probate
  • Need to re-locate fast
  • Can’t sell the home
  • or due to some time constraint, you just don’t have the ability to wait months to find a buyer.

I want to thank Charlie with Home Owners Resources Group [A.K.A iemobilehomebuyer.com]… he’s actually helped us save a home and purchase it through probate.