About Us

“I’m like the CarMax of mobile home buying and selling” – Paul

Ran and owned by one person and some outside help from assistants, Paul has been in the RE business, while working a full-time job with a family, since 2013.

He transitioned into mobile homes because there was more of a need than stick-built houses:

  • Mobile homes take much longer to sell… so sellers in a time-restricted situation need a direct buyer
  • Professional mobile home buyers are few… there are some sneaky ones that come and go and will leave you hanging
  • Mobile homes only drop in price… so it only gets worse for sellers that need to sell it quickly.
  • Mobile home sellers are more grateful for the help that’s offered from a direct buyer like Paul… see the testimonials
  • There were very few remodeled mobile homes in the market.
  • and.. the most important factor… there were many more sellers that need to sell it fast, but very cash buyers willing to pull the trigger right away.

We buy and sell mobile homes. However, we aren’t just any mobile home buyer:

Buying comes second. Customer Service comes FIRST.

Problem solving is what we offer.

We focus on providing a winning solution to homeowners that get them out of their sticky situations… like:

  • not being able to afford the rent space
  • a possible lien sale coming due
  • owning a burdensome property
  • probate
  • inherited a mobile home you don’t want to deal with
  • or due to some time constraint, you just don’t have the ability to wait months to find a buyer.

At IE Mobile Home Buyer, we focus on providing you with a solution to your situation so you can continue to do the things you love.

IE Mobile Home Buyer is a solutions company based out of the Inland Empire.

The mobile home industry is neglected… with hundreds of investors now in the business of buying single residence homes, most of them (if not all of them) neglect to help mobile homeowners (mobile homes in parks and on their own land).

However, Paul decided to shift over to mobile homes because of the lack of help being given. Investors don’t know what to do with a mobile home so they usually pass up the opportunity to assist owners like you.

We’ve done our research, rubbed shoulders with the right people and the right parks, and have helped several mobile home owners get their mobile home sold fast by buying it from them as-is the next day…  with cash… so that they no longer have to deal with the home or the expensive rent space.

The Core Values:

  1. Excel in great customer service in all aspects of our business… Customer solution is at the top of our focus. Buying mobile homes is only the by-product
  2. Bring humanity back into business… Many companies (small and big) treat their customers/clients like a number. Business is about human interaction. Kindness, respect, and ethics should be the front runner to any interaction.
  3. Continuous growth and improvement… no one is perfect. We realize that ourselves. That’s why we continue to look for ways to improve ourselves and our business.
  4. Be a symbol of change to the people around us… This business didn’t pop out of thin air. As blue collar workers, we worked hard (and failed many times) in building a strong business for not only our families but a valuable asset to the communities.

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a mobile home or having us help you avoid a tax lien sale, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

If you need a fair cash offer today, call us!

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