How To Fix Up Your Riverside Mobile Home to Sell Better

 Trying to sell a mobile home in Riverside, California?  Have time and money but are lost on what to fix up and what not to fix up?  Are you stressed about spending too much money on repairs?  Then, keep reading on how I show you what’s really needed to fix up… and what’s just a … Continued

Buying a Mobile Home To Move to Your Land

Buying land in Southern California can be an investors gold mine… depending on what you’re going to do with it… There are a few things, you as an investor or future homeowner can do get a huge bang for your buck when searching for a home. One of them is… purchasing land for a good … Continued

Make the Right Move for a New Life After Loss

Written by Lucille of Make the Right Move for a New Life After Loss Everyone who experiences the loss of someone close to them grieves in their own unique way. At some point, while grieving, you will find a sense of hope and a desire to move forward in your own life. For some … Continued

Getting $200,000 house for $50,000

Getting a $200,000 house for $50,000 Heads up… I have 2-3 homes that need to be moved. So why should you care? Because if you’ve got some vacant land, you can spend a total of $40K-$50K to get this home moved onto your parcel with a permanent foundation… then… bam… you now own a $200,000 dollar. … Continued

The Trolls Under the Mobile Home

this like crazy this week. It’s got a lot of attention…  … but a lot of trolling as well (mainly from facebook): people who demand I lower the price (I’ve already discounted the cash price from the comparable values in the park). people who demand that my ad be better (one person, in particular, got very upset … Continued

Making a retirement dream a reality: Budgeting for your vacation home

Most retirees are accustomed to budgeting. It’s something they’ve done all their adult lives. If you’re a retiree, you’ve budgeted for homes, cars, and an education for the kids, so it goes without saying that you’ve worked extremely hard to make it happen. All that hard work and financial diligence deserve a reward, maybe some … Continued