Cheap Additions That’ll Make A Big Difference When Selling a Mobile Home in Riverside

If you’re in the market to sell your Riverside mobile home, then you’re probably searching for some simple tips and tricks to attract more potential buyers and sell it faster for a top offer.

We’re here to discuss staging. Because staging isn’t just for the regular single family residence. It can be for manufactured homes as well. If you own a mobile home worth well over $30,000 in a nice park then you might want to consider a little bit of staging to speed up the sale.

Cheap And Easy Upgrades That Make A Big Improvement When Selling Your Mobile Home in Riverside

Show Your Front Some Love!

Initial impressions make or break a deal.

That’s why at the moment a potential buyer drives up to your property and sees the front , that moment has to grab their focus and have them say ,”I want that home!”.  They say that subconsciously, the first impression determines whether or not a potential buyer will make an offer or not.

So you have to have a strong impact to your curb appeal.

Here are a few suggestions to lift your curb appeal and improve first impressions:

  • Paint your mailbox, and plant some flowers around it. A cheap and simple task
  • Give the deck a thorough cleaning and get a new mat for the front door…. if the stairs and the deck is outdated you may need to give it fresh paint job.
  • Add some flowers in front of the windows. Even if its all concrete, adding some potted plants (not too much) can liven up the place. Adding some fresh flowers or new mulch can liven up the front
  • If you have a flag of some sort (not an old ragged flag) hang it up
  • Wipe down the windows… the windows in mobile homes are a center focus in a home.
  • If it really needs it… paint the entire exterior. Old looking mobile homes scare people away.

Kitchen Updates?

In the single family housing industry, it’s frequently said that bathrooms and kitchens sell.

Well this couldn’t be any more true for mobile homes as well.

Although for a manufactured home it might not be cost effective to gut the entire kitchen (depending on the price of the home), but there are few cheaper alternatives to make your Riverside mobile home stand out:

  • A coat of paint on the cabinets can change the entire look and feel of the kitchen
  • New drawer pulls
  • New cabinet handles
  • New faucets can also add a modernized look to an older space.

These small but impactful changes cost very little but change the feeling that buyers get when they tour through it.

A Little Bathroom Touch Up

The same advice for mobile homes goes for bathrooms as well… probably even more so. If you have a dirty, grimy bathroom that can make potential buyers turn the other dirction!

There are some things you can do to touch up the baths without a complete overhaul. Like some hardware stores carry some products that can completely transform the look of your bathtub like paints and covers that go over the old tub & shower. There are ways to restore the tile which will save you a lot of funds while transforming the look.

When you have a showing or an open house, make sure the bathroom is set up beautifully nicely with good towels, good soap and attractive fragrances.

Again, create a vision for you prospective buyers. With a few inexpensive items you can make your bathroom feel expensive.

The Living Space

Next to the kitchen and baths this is the second most important room. So spruce up  the look of the living space

Put away all personal items. That’s so people don’t feel like they are intruding on your lives… remember you want it to have a sense that they’re in a hotel room.

To stage it, spend some time changing the look of the windows by adding nice drapes or shades. You will want to make sure there is a ton of natural light coming in, but at the same making a big impact by showcasing the windows and doors.

Improved lighting and a beautiful fixture can change the look and feel of a room. A statement piece, offering great light will draw attention and make your space truly charming.

Do you need ideas when it comes to selling your Riverside mobile home? If so, we can help you think of creative solutions to sell your mobile home fast! There are many solutions and ways to sell your manufactured house!

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