How To Avoid Eviction From A Mobile Home Park in Yucaipa, CA

Living in a mobile home park has many upside, however, there are some disadvantages that come with it. The most critical being that you reside on someone else’s land and therefore the land owner has control on the land that your property is planted on.

Although many mobile home owners don’t have to deal with foreclosures too frequently since most own their home free-and-clear, however, they still have the possibility of themselves and their home being evicted from the park.

There are several reasons why one can be evicted from the park (you can read on the 7 different reasons you can be evicted here) but the most everyday reason we find is for not paying space rent.

So here are a number of ways to help you avoid eviction from a mobile home park in Riverside if you find yourself with an eviction notice on your door.

1. First things first… push back the eviction date. stop eviction in inland empire

If you just got your eviction notice, then you have a little bit of  time. Usually, homeowners just sit on it hoping a solution lands on their lap. But don’t procrastinate on it. Get in contact with park management to come up with a solution. They’ll be much more thankful and willing to cooperate with you if you humbly approach them right from the start.

If you just received your notice explain to management your situation and that you want to pay the rent and want to work with them in extending the eviction date. Usually, they’ll work with homeowners.

If you’re way behind in rent and have received sever notices, then this might be a lot difficult to work with management. But it’s still not too late. Get in touch with management, humbly approach them and explain what’s going on.

NOTE: notice how I used the word “humble” a few times. Yelling at ownership or management will not help the situation (you don’t need me to tell you that). Sure, it feels good at the moment, and makes you feel powerful and in control… but at the end of the day, if you don’t get what you want, you’re not in control. So approach them with respect, kindness, calmness, and asking for their cooperation.

2. Here’s the bad part… 

If you’re hoping to continue living in the park, then it’s inevitable, you’ll have to pay the late rent space. Unfortunately, there is no way around it. Rent space is rent space. So, gather up the cash necessary by borrowing it, selling unnecessary things, working more hours, getting a second job, or getting a loan… if the goal is to stay in the park, then it’s time to find a means to pay for rent.

3. The good part… 

If it doesn’t matter either way if you stay in the park or not… then you have a handful of avenues for avoiding an eviction on your record while not paying anything out of pocket.

A.) You can sell it.

But if you’re going to go this option, you need to get into contact with management ASAP to and let them know of what you’re doing the whole way through. Again, be humble about it. Don’t blame them or yell at them. Unfortunately, mobile home park owners have a lot of power and can change things at almost instantaneously. The purpose of getting into contact with management is to allow you enough time to find a buyer.

If you have some rent due, that has to be paid back to the park regardless. So, depending on the park’s policies, the buyer will most likely hold a portion of the purchase amount back to pay for the late payments.

B.) You can move it

If you love your mobile home and want to keep it and avoid an eviction…. the other option is to relocate it. BUT, before you move you have to pay for your late space rent. Removing a mobile home is the least feasible option. Moving it is very hard and costly. You’ll have to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 to move it and then pay your late payments. This is most likely not the best route.

4. You can fight it

There is always the most aggressive method. And that’s to take it to court. However, be conscious. Owners have been in this industry longer than you have and know the laws better. If this is your option, and I advise against it, it’s best to obtain legal counsel and representation from a tenant lawyer.

To summarize…

Unfortunately, there aren’t any crazy tactics here on how to avoid eviction from a mobile home park,  but the most crucial idea I’m trying to communicate is to not let this drag on and keep putting it off. Take care of it ASAP by:

  1. Getting into contact with management ASAP and work something out while at the same time extending the eviction date.
  2. Lay out a plan of action to either sell it, move it, or pay it off
  3. Let management know of the steps you have taken every week

However, the situation may seem depressing and long, you do have options. If you’re behind in payments the most beneficial way to avoid an eviction is to sell it ASAP. If you need to sell it ASAP, you can contact us at IE Mobile Home Buyers and get a fair cash offer for us to buy your property as-is.

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