How to buy a $500,000 house with no banks and only $10,000 in the pocket

One time, I almost bought a 3 bedroom single family home worth $250,000 (it was 2015) for only $10,000 up front and $1000 a month until it’s paid off.

The total purchase price was $180,000 (buying homes for a discount is a specialty of mine because I find out the needs of the sellers and fulfill it).

Yup…that would have been a good deal (things went sideways because there were renters involved).

Anyway, buying and selling houses with payments (and cutting out the banks) is not too far from a reality for you as well.

Take my friend Stephan. He makes a very good income, but has horrible credit, and can’t show legitimate proof of his good income, so he can’t purchase a house the “normal” way… no bank will give him a loan.

So if he’s looking to buy his own $500,000 house in Riverside does he give up?


Instead, he does what I talk about in this article and finds a $500,000 home (and a willing seller), and makes payments directly to the seller…

no banks, no middleman involved.

And it’s easy for you to do as well.

(I routinely sell my manufactured homes with payments to cut out the banks)

To check out the article and learn how I sell my home with payments, and how you can buy or sell ANYTHING with payments and YOU become the bank…

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