How To Fix Up Your Yucaipa Mobile Home to Sell Better

 Trying to sell a mobile home in Riverside, California? 
Have time and money but are lost on what to fix up and what not to fix up? 
Are you stressed about spending too much money on repairs? 

Then, keep reading on how I show you what’s really needed to fix up… and what’s just a waste of resources.

How To Repair Your Riverside Mobile Home to Sell Better in any Park

In the mobile home industry, there’s a sharp line between over spending in repairs and getting it just right. Often, we’re influenced by these big flips shows with their fancy and costly cork floors, quartz counter tops, and Premium-faceless-style cabinets. But all that is nice in a single family residence (SFR) and often (not always) increases the value in a SFR.

… But not in a manufactured home. 

NOTE: with an exception of high end manufactured home parks.

As one who buys and sells mobile homes… I know the pains of overspending on a rehab only to find out that I can’t sell my price as high.

Sure, everybody loves the home, but these buyers can’t justify paying your 2-times-the-park-price just because you put $30,000 dollars into it.

So before you decide, or think, “Gee, I can price my house $20,000 higher if I just put this $2.90 square foot flooring”… think again. The more you put into the home, the less you’re going to get back. It’s just the blunt truth of mobile homes.

But, don’t worry, yet, there are things you can do to bring up the value of your mobile home in Riverside California.

1. Look towards your neighbor

First, you want to discover what kind of buyer are you going to have. And that depends on the kind of park you’re located in.

If homes are selling at $40,000-80,000... then there are A FEW upgrades you can do to improve the price. Call me at (909) 255-9212 if you need to figure out the value of your property.

If you’re in a park where it’s mostly single wide and the values are low ($5,000-$20,000), then doing the bare minimum (what required to make it livable), is all that’s required from you. Buyer’s in this park are just looking for affordability. They don’t care if it’s Formica counter tops or granite, they just what functionality with a good price. 

2. The Bare minimum.

This is what’s required in ALL homes if you’re missing it. This list is for functionally and anythying on that list is broken, then it’s a must to fix in order to sell regardless, of what park you’re in.

If you don’t have these, and you don’t want to deal with the headaches of repairs, then call me at (909) 255-9212 or fill out the form to be able to sell your mobile home as-is for a fair cash offer. 
  •  Roof Repair
    If you have leaks… then getting those patched up is necessary. If it’s a metal roof and you don’t have any holes, then the good part is that all it takes is a special roof paint, mesh tape, and mastic. If you actually have holes, then that requires a little more material and time. You’ll need a piece of galvanized sheet metal to cover it.
  • Sub floors
    If you’re doing roof repair because of a leak… then most likely you’ll be doing some sub floor repair because of rotted out, water damaged sub floors. Rotted sub floor is the most obvious and big price dropper. Imagine your buyers walking through the home and the walk unto a mushy, soft spot on the floor. It’s apparent now that you have floor damage. And nobody wants to take the floor apart to fix that. Replacing small section can be pretty simple. It takes removing the damaged part and cutting a new, sized-up, same width wood and screwing it into the joists.

Note: this isn’t a comprehensive article on HOW-TO repair certain items. Consult with a licensed contractor for details on “how-to’s”.

And below is a list of obvious items that would need to be fixed or replaced if damaged and affect the FUNCTIONALITY of the mobile home.

  • Electrical system
    Doesn’t need to be updated. Just in working condition. Get a licensed electrician to check the system and see if all outlets are working.
    NOTE: Law requires to have working smoke detectors in each bedroom and a carbon monoxide in each floor level (so one per home) before a mobile home can sell.
  • Plumbing
    Doesn’t need an upgrade as long as there are no broken pipes or leaks. Check for any leaks in water and gas system.
  • HVAC
    Not that important but if you don’t have a working Swamp cooler, wall unit, or central air unit… then you don’t have A/C. And not having A/C in Southern California makes for a horrible summer… and a miserable home value.
    NOTE: Law requires that a water heater be braced before it can sell.
  • Damaged wall panels/dry wall.
    Get any holes patched up.

3. Paint

New paint brightens up any home. And it can be a fairly cheap upgrade.

If you’re doing it your self then you can save a lot of money. If you’re hiring a contractor expect to pay anywhere in the range of $1.00-$2.00 per square footage on interior, and same rate of exterior.

This upgrade can be done in almost any park, but not really needed in small parks with campers, and mostly single-wides.

4. Floor

An essential is the sub floor… as we explained earlier. But laminate, tile, or new carpet really depends on the existing floor and what the similar homes have in your park.

If you already have great looking tile, or laminate, then don’t go and replace it. It can be an expense of thousands of dollars and a new floor most likely does nothing to raise your price.

If it’s the original, and the competing houses are selling for a high value with new floor included… then it’s probably a good idea to get your flooring re-done.

But, the most important thing is… DON’T OVER SPEND!

Search for budget friendly laminate at .68 cents to .90 cents a square foot. Tile isn’t mandatory. You can use really good looking vinyl. If the vinyl appears good enough, you can even use it throughout the home.

Carpet is the cheapest item to replace if you need it. Bedrooms are typically best for carpet.

PRO TIP: Do you have cat urine smell in the house? Then there’s two means to remove:

  1. If you’re doing a full floor removal and replace, then get some latex paint and paint EVERYTHING. Walls and subfloors slap on latex paint. The color isn’t important because you’re going to paint over with your choice of color.
  2. Spray, wash the floors, and latter on a enzymatic cleaner like this: Icky-poo

5. Exterior

Spending money on the outside isn’t really advised, unless you’re in a park where it appears like you’re neighbors are competing for best-yard-in-town award.

But, if you really have to update you’re exterior (again, only if you HAVE to), do these items in this order:

  • Cleanup (This is actually a must. If you have a bunch of clutter in the driveway, trash, old plants… then you should definitely remove these items. A good clean-up will open up the appeal).
  • Paint (All white with dark trim, or park-allowed color with trim).
  • Drought tolerant yard (simply and cheaply. Mulch, or rocks for smaller area).
  • Flowers (for staging).

6. Counter tops

If you’re counter tops aren’t peeling, cracked, or the park standard says that you should have an upgraded… then it’s best not to touch it.

Formica counter tops are the norm in mobile homes. But if you just need to replace because the neighbors have upgraded and your’s are the original, there are three things you can do:

  1. Re-glaze… the cheapest method to make your counter tops appear brand new. You know, the same guys that re-glaze tubs, they can also re-glaze you counter tops with a nice design. It will make it look new.
  2. New Formica… the next most expensive. There are a lot of good looking Formica counter tops these days and it’s very economical.
  3. Granite… I don’t recommend this, unless its in the bathrooms, or you’re in a high end park where everyone is upgraded to granite. This can be very costly. And if you need to put it in, find slabs on discount because of a defect.

Over-rehabbing is a typical mistake in the mobile home industry. Avoid falling into that trap before you sell. Of course, if you’re putting in high-end cabinets because you like it and you intend to live in the home and enjoy those cabinets… that’s completely different.

But this bit of advice applies to those who are trying to sell their mobile home trailer quickly once they put it up on the Riverside, CA market. Normally, it doesn’t take much to get a better appeal on the home to attract the maximum amount of buyers for the minimum price.

If, instead, you want to sell the home as-is and not deal with all that… I can help you…

… and I’ll take 100% of the risk for you.

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