Make the most of your yard in a Redlands mobile home park

A well thought out front curb appeal can be a vital aspect when selling your mobile home. It can influence the future buyers’ entire perception of the home. As such, a messy, overgrown yard can discourage buyers and make a horrible first impression. In our latest blog, we have put together some ideas to make your yard a selling point, helping you to get the best return on your mobile home.

They don’t call it the great outdoors for anything. A well landscaped and maintained yard can add 15% to the value of your home. If a buyer REALLY loves it, your yard can add another 12% in perceived value to certain buyers! That’s a lot of value! Here are some ideas to have your front yard sell your mobile home!

First Impressions

We can’t express enough how significant curb appeal can be when it comes to selling your Moreno Valley mobile home. The fact of the matter is, people, DO sometimes judge a book by its cover. An overgrown front dead grass, old paint, and overall messiness could cause some people not to even bother looking inside the house!

  • Add paint touch-ups as necessary
  • Take out the dead plants and place new ones
  • Add new fixtures, locks, and doormat
  • Refresh mailbox with some paint and flowers planted around the base
  • Trim bushes and trees, and make sure all the weeds are pulled from the flower beds.

Add A Front

If your front yard is hardly a front yard, then maybe it’s time to add some things to decorate your curb appeal. However, I understand that some mobile home park hardly offers a “front yard” but regardless of the size, you can add a few items to it to make it stand out.

  • Create a flower bed (cheap and easy)
  • Paint the front (and the trim)
  • Add an American flag
  • Pressure wash all the dirt off (before you paint of course)
  • Add sod if you have the space
  • Add mulch to corners and patches
  • Remove any dead grass and replace with sod or mulch or rocks
  • Makeover on the stairs (if broken fix it. If old carpet replace it. If old paint, repaint)


A clean and neat front speaks highly about how you care for the other aspects of your home. If you invest time and energy into the beautification of the front, then you are likely to do the same throughout the rest of the mobile home. A clean yard shows you take pride in your manufacture house, which potential buyers will recognize and admire.

  • Power the sidewalk, porch, driveway and anything else that needs it. A good power washing can have the same effect as a fresh coat of paint!
  • Pull the weeds, edge the lawn and trim bushes and trees.
  • Get rid of ANY clutter laying around. Even if it something you use, if it is in anyway an eye-sore, hide it away somewhere else.
  • Wash the windows, inside and out
  • Touch up worn out or cracked paint
  • Fix anything in need of repair… steps, mailbox, etc.

Be Efficient

While you want a beautiful curb appeal, you don’t want it to be a full-time job to maintain. Simple and clean is the leading choice to go.

  • Be conscious of water usage, especially in drier areas
  • Don’t plant high maintenance vegetation
  • Consider a rock garden, sand or gravel in one region of the yard

However, you choose to landscape, make sure you are doing it expressly, with your future buyer in mind! Your front curb appeal can make or break the sale of your mobile home! Keep this in mind when you are ready to sell your Moreno Valley mobile home!

If you are thinking about selling your Moreno Valley manufacture house, we can help you get ready with some creative and inspiring ideas!

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