3 Reasons To Sell Your Mobile Home Yourself in Redlands

A few property owners think you need a Realtor to sell your mobile home, but we want to show you other ways. We want to share with you the benefits of selling your mobile home by yourself!

The first… and the most distinct reason is…

1. No Fees 

When it comes to mobile homes, licensed salespeople can charge 10% or a flat fee of $5,000 after the sale of your house. This is far more costly than the single family residence industry.

This commission covers administrative fees, marketing costs, photography, etc, etc. that don’t come when you sell your mobile home directly. But when you take care of it yourself you can save THOUSANDS.

However, know that you’ll have to do the work of marketing and showing your property. And in the mobile home industry, this can take several months until you find a buyer that can qualify with the park. But, the extra money you make might be worth the extra time and work.

There are always extra costs when you are moving, that’s just life. And keeping some hard earned dollars in your  bank account will make everything go easier.

2. You’re In The Driver’s Seat

You control the schedule. You don’t feel like doing an open house or an appointment this weekend? Not a problem, because you run the show.

When you are working with a Realtor, most of the time, they will be the one calling the shots. Of course, you are ultimately the owner, but if you hire a Realtor to sell your manufactured home, let’s hope they will do their job and sell your property fast and for top dollar.

This means weekend showings where you will be asked to leave, evening showings, etc. All of these can take place at the drop of a hat, so you will have to maintain your home in tip-top shape while it is on the market.

3. Your Terms

A Realtor will want to market your house as high as he/she can because the higher the price the bigger the commission. All they do is list it and wait around.

This may sound like a good thing. But at times, one of your main concerns is not always a high price. you may need to sell it quickly as well. This means they may be firm on the price in scenarios where you might be open to negotiation. Even if you are eager to sell, an realtor is always going to be trying to make as much commission as possible. Will they really have your best interest in mind when so much money is laying on the table?

So, without an agent to interfere, you can set the price at what you’re happy with… a balance of a high enough price while getting it to sell quickly.

Also, agents may stand firm on the price in situations where you might be open to negotiation. Even if you are eager to sell, an agent is always going to be trying to make as much as possible. Will they really have your best interest at heart when so much money is laying on the table?

In addition, you can decide all of the dates. When the new homeowners can move in, when you have to vacate the home, when you close, etc.. You can set the terms as to what you will repair, what you won’t, and how much you are willing to come out of pocket to fix things. When you choose to sell on your own, you call the shots when it comes to the contract, without any pressure from an agent who may only have their best interest in mind.

A Cash Sale

As they always say in real estate, “cash is king.” If you are able to find a cash buyer for your mobile home, you will save tons of time and money. However, in the mobile home industry, this is a tough cookie to find. Not everyone has the funds to purchase your property… however it’s almost a must because very few individuals can secure a loan on a used mobile home.

Selling your home yourself will save you time which equates to resources saved. Selling a mobile home can take months. So, you can save an extra $5,000 or more just on commission fees. But with a cash offer today, you can also save all those months trying to find a cash buyer. Months of rent space, bills, and utilities avoided!

While a fast cash offer might be lower than what you would list it for, many times you end up with more cash in the long run after all of the fees, commissions and other expenses are taken out. Not to mention the stress and headaches of having your mobile home sitting on the market. (picture people driving by constantly some even peeking in your windows! It happens!)

If you are interested in selling your mobile home and are ready for a low stress, quick, and economical alternative send us a message now! There’s never any obligation! 

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