Non-traditional Mobile Home Selling Tactics You Can Use In Hemet

With tons of competing homes out there, selling your mobile home can often take some planning and creative thinking. Attention needs to be created for your manufactured mobile home, but it can be challenging doing that when there is a collection of other similar homes out there, all closely priced.

So how do you separate your home from the rest?

This post will cover a number of uncommon real estate selling tactics for mobile homes, and how you too can sell your manufactured mobile home trailer FAST!

Host A Party

If you’re doing an open house, know that the potential homeowners are coming to view your mobile home have seen others as well during an open house. The same usual food, same walk through, same speech. An open house can feel boring and not really show the character of your property. Why not try something different?

You could throw a backyard bbq. While you’re doing that, have a buddy or sibling give a tour of the park club house. Not only will potential buyers feel more at ease in a more relaxed atmosphere, but they will also get to see how much fun can be had at your mobile home when hosting entertainment! This creates a visual impression that allows them to see themselves living at this home.

Non-Traditional Marketing

Real estate listing ads pretty much all look identical, especially mobile. Mobile home ads are either really horrible (because they are FSBO ads) or decent Realtor ads. In the more “professional” looking ads, the mobile homes are described as “gorgeous” and the park as “extremely desirable.”

What I’ve seen is that many of these ads lack creativity and makes them seem like all the rest. What you can do, instead of a making an ordinary, boring ad, make yourself stand out by being colorful and funny.

Like… “Man Cave for Sale, (with 3 beds!)” Even if they aren’t searching for a “man cave” per se, the ad gives us a laugh and we won’t forget it.

Make A Trade

Something you can add value with is throwing in another component into the sale. You can increase the value by selling it with the washer and dryer. Or throw in a car or boat you’ve been wanting to dispose of. Adjust the value to make sense of course.  If it doesn’t make any sense to do something that large, consider a new big screen tv, a Blu-ray play, or a refrigerator along with the transaction. People like to get something for free, even if you have already factored it into your end sale price.

The Tech world

Spending a little extra money, in the beginning, can be useful in long run. Think about hiring a professional editor to make a video of your manufactured home.  Or have professional pictures taken (done frequently in single family sales). The different, aerial perspective, will add a whole new perspective as well! Buyers will also be able to get a feel of the environment. Provide a virtual tour around the park. Having some great photos of the local hangout spots can help potential buyers get a real idea of what living in your mobile home will be like!

Staging Is Also For Mobile Homes

Staging is something that most agents do for single family homes. But if you have a mobile/manufactured home with a value  than higher $30,000 than it might be beneficial to try some staging.

Here are some tips…

Think about details you would see at a hotel or high-end property.

  • Place your best towels in the bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Set up appetizers on your best plating.
  • Tidy up the rooms by removing extra furniture, pictures and clutter… in other words, create more space
  • Bring out only the most attractive items and take down anything that’s old and outdated. Sometimes these aren’t things you would use in your typical day, setting them up in your home during these moments will make the visitors to your home feel a sense of luxury and elegance.

Are you searching for “out-of-the-box” ways to sell your Hemet mobile/manufactured house? Our team continually comes up with innovative strategies designed to sell your home quick! Send us an email here or give our office a call today! (909) 255-9212

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