How to Quickly Sell Your Mobile Home Before You Have To Pay Another $700 in Space Rent

If you’re looking for a way out of your situation… to be able to sell your mobile home as-is and hassle-free…  before the expensive space rent comes due…

… then keep reading on how others have done it in less than a week… 

I know how it feels… the stress of having a home sit for 5 months. Buyer after buyer either not qualifying, with no money, or just gone M.I.A. And then the stressful thoughts of another space rent coming due. 

There’s a few reason why this can happen.

One of those reasons, like what happened to me is you can easily misjudge the true value of your mobile home (agents do this all the time).

And once you do that, you’ll be stuck in a cycle of dealing with a constant price drop until finally you get it right… and get a reliable buyer who can actually qualify and can afford your place (a RELIABLE buyer is a needle in a haystack).

Before I get into a couple of solutions for this, let me introduce myself…

My name is Paul, and with my friend David, we’ve been buying mobile homes with all-cash, drastically improving them and putting a great family back into them.

We aren’t big time house flippers like you see on television.  But we’ve had our share of mobile home improvements (and disasters—like water pipe-bursts during remodeling) and the most important part is: we’ve helped a good number of sellers along the way.

Helped Joe out of San Jacinto move quickly into another home and get cash for his rent deposit without waiting months to sell.

So, if you’re in the market to sell, or looking to sell down the road…

Here are a few things you should know first.

First, many agents don’t know how to price a mobile home. It’s more of an art than a science (and it’s completely different than the regular housing industry).

So be careful who you choose (don’t choose them because they are a friend or relative), or you might end up taking 6 months to a year to sell, like I did, because of the wrong price point.

Second, just putting a For Sale Sign isn’t good enough these days.

Constant online ads, open houses, Facebook marketplace, and the MLS (and lots of hours waiting for a real buyer who won’t flake) is the standard today.

Third, selling a home as-is and quickly, will take some work and creativity. Creativity in setting up options for buyers.

Here’s what I mean: A lot buyer’s don’t have the cash to purchase your home, so setting them up with either a lender or owner finance payments will get the home sold faster than trying to wait months for a cash buyer.


 … you can sell directly to a cash buyer and cut out the hassle… the extra money… the middle man… and the risk of the house sitting.

And it’ll only take a week or less.

Here’s a story of a real mobile home owner who sold directly to me:

Virginia, at Country Meadows park in Ontario, was at the verge of being evicted and kicked out without a home and nothing in her pocket.

She had lost her income.

She wasn’t able to afford the $900 space rent any longer.

Then, she let a few months pass here-and-there without making her payment.

With months of rent and piled up late fees, she owed $6,000.

However, with one week left before eviction date… I bought it from her for a fair price that she was pleased with—Instead of empty pockets, she got $20,000 (with no hassle attached) and no eviction on her record.

And, instead of going through what I’ve been through, and countless other mobile home owners, you can sell directly to a cash buyer— that means a stress-free, “done-with-it” sale in a week.

Yes, I’ve been through the frustrations, and the sleep-less nights of a home sitting for months and not selling. But I’ve learned some great lessons from it and improved my knowledge of how to sell them.

Looking for a quick and free consultation?

Then just call me directly at (909) 255-9212.

Or… get a fair cash offer quickly from me. There’s no obligation. Take it or leave it and it doesn’t hurt to find out:

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Here’s what you get when you contact me:
  • A FAIR cash price to BUY directly from you
  • The assurance that your mobile home is sold on day one
  • The guarantee of being helped (If I can’t help you, Ill direct you to your best option)
  • Solutions to your situation (even if I don’t benefit from it)
  • No bait and switch tactics
  • No long term contract that locks you in.
  • A FREE consultation
  • A reliable buyer who’ll give you the straight-up truth on the matter
  • No games. Just offers and advice. 

Through a direct buyer like me, you don’t have to:

  • risk the money out of pocket,
  • risk trying to fix the house up and dealing with scammy contractors or paying too much to fix it
  • risk losing your home to the park,
  • Pay another space rent
  • deal with anymore sleepless nights because your house isn’t selling,
  • deal with the disappointment of flaky buyers not committing
  • Be imprisoned by a 6 month Realtor contract (there are pros and cons with using an agent… but call us at (909) 255-9212 before you list and we’ll tell you your best option)

What’s the catch?

None except this…

  • I am very reliable to the point where I regularly follow up until you tell me NO, or the house is sold (if you don’t like reliability from people who care about your situation, then this might not be for you)
  • My cash offer might not be for you (I can’t buy homes at FULL retail value if I want to keep helping mobile homeowners. The cost of fixing a home up, plus the rent space and insurance can range from $10K-$40K… plus my profit, which is anywhere from $5K-27K—agents get up to $9,000 just to list your home. They take none of the risk, and they can walk away from you at any point.)
  • I might suggest to you to list rather than give you a cash offer. 
  • I might not be able to buy your house depending on situation (only one way to find out: call (909) 255-9212)

But, if you:

  • No longer can afford the monthly payments
  • Are facing eviction or foreclosure
  • Behind on Space Rent
  • Behind on taxes
  • Own a debilitated mobile home
  • Need money ASAP
  • Need to move out of state.
  • Don’t want to deal with the hassles and frustrations of selling a mobile home qualifying a buyer, financing,etc

… Then, give us a call at (909) 255-9212 for a fair cash offer right at your doorstep and your problem-solving-free-consultation from a direct buyer. 

With only one phone call you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what your best option is (sometimes our cash offer isn’t the best solution and we’ll be honest with your best option… even if it doesn’t involve us.)
  • What you need to fix in your house to get it to a full retail value (we’re experts at knowing which repairs will give you the most value, and which ones are worthless.. I’ve learned from some hard mistakes and I don’t want you to do the same)
  • What park owners don’t want you to know.
  • How to improve your credit just by selling to us (call us at (909) 255-9212 to find out about this option)
  • What to do next if you’re facing eviction or foreclosure.
  • I deal with all the paperwork
  • I deal with the risk of a home a sitting vacant for months
  • We don’t care how bad the mobile looks
  •  You can sell your mobile home in 1 day

Contact me (Paul and David) soon at (909) 255-9212

To be honest, we’re not a big time company with employees waiting on the phones for us. Because we work on a first come first serve basis, we can’t always help right away.

So contact me ASAP… there’s no obligation to find out and lock in your cash offer or free consultation. 

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

Start the easy process and instant offer by giving us your email and phone number. It's no obligation and completely free to find out.
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