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Sell Your Mobile Home Fast Ontario, CA

Sell Your Mobile Home in Ontario, California

IE Mobile Home Buyer is a solutions company based out of the Inland Empire. We help you to sell your mobile home fast in less than a week to a direct-buyer. Avoid the upcoming $900 of rent space and sell your manufactured home for cash, as-is, no-fees, and hassle-free.

If you’re in a situation where you need to get out quickly, need a consultation, or you’re just looking to sell your Ontario mobile home in a jiffy.

Then, I can help. My name is Paul do Campo and I buy Ontario mobile homes, fix them up, and find another good family to put into. I’m not one of those big-time house flippers you see on television. I’m just a one-man business (with help from my family) helping homeowners get out of any situation fast.

Even though I’m not a corporation with many employees, I am a serious Mobile Home Buyer in Ontario. I do this because selling a manufactured home in Ontario can be hit or miss. Here’s what I mean: It can take 1 month…or it can take a year to actually sell and I know from personal experience how it feels to have a home sit for 6 months not selling.


Here’s a true story:

I was very excited when I bought one of my first mobile homes straight from the owner for investment in San Jacinto, CA. But, after months of investing $15,000 into the repairs, monthly rent, insurance, and misc. costs... the market turned.

Not only did It turn but I made a mistake in pricing my home.

Every month, more and more money was going out of pocket into the rent space. I was stressed. Had a hard time sleeping some nights. Buyer after buyer, either not qualifying, had no money, or just gone “missing in action”. And the nightmarish thoughts of paying out-of-pocket another monthly space rent.

I finally kept lowering the price, $5,000 one week, another $5,000 the next… until (6 months total), I was $15,000 less than what I wanted to sell for and losing money. Until I finally sold to a cash buyer

(If I would’ve known about this nightmare, I would have taken that cash offer a long time ago).


Stuff happens. The mobile home market is a finicky thing. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Here’s a story of a real mobile homeowner who sold directly to Ontario mobile home buyer (me):

Virginia, at Country Meadows park in Ontario, was on the verge of being evicted and kicked out without a home and nothing in her pocket. She had lost her income. She wasn’t able to afford the $900 space rent any longer.

Then, she let a few months pass here-and-there without making her payment. With months of rent and piled up late fees, she owed $6,000.

However, with one week left before the eviction date… I bought it from her for a fair price that she was pleased with—Instead of empty pockets, she got $20,000 (with no hassle attached) and no eviction on her record.

And, instead of going through what I’ve been through, and countless other mobile homeowners, you can sell directly to a cash buyer— that means a stress-free, “done-with-it” sale in a week.

Yes, I’ve been through the frustrations, and the sleep-less nights of a home sitting for months and not selling. But I’ve learned some great lessons from it and improved my knowledge of how to sell them.

Looking for a quick and free consultation? call me directly at 951-356-9659. Also, get a fair cash offer quickly from me. There’s no obligation. Take it or leave it and it doesn’t hurt to find out:

What Do You Have To Lose?

Start the easy process and instant offer by giving us your email, address, and phone number. It's no obligation and completely free to find out.
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Frequently Asked Questions for your help:

1. Why is the Offer Lower than Full Retail Value?”
ANS: Is my offer lower than full retail value? And the answer to this is, yes. Because, in order for me to continue offering some homeowners a way out…an option to sell their mobile home quickly found nowhere else… then I have to buy it below retail value. I can’t continue buying homes as-is while helping people move on with SOMETHING in their pocket rather than NOTHING… if I can’t make a reasonable living doing so.

In reality, I would be doing a disservice to mobile homeowners if I bought at full retail value. 

That’s because I would quickly go out of business and then owners who need to sell their Ontario manufactured home FAST will be stuck with listing it instead and risking waiting months to sell… the only reliable, cash, Ontario, California manufactured home buyer would be missing.

2. How much does one make in profit?
I’m completely transparent. And I want to show you how much a Realtor/agent and a mobile home buyer like myself make…it’s less than you think. Realtors are going to make $5,000 or more from just listing your house. AND they inherit none of the risks. They do the easiest part of selling a home. However…

  • I actually take over your home in its current condition (bugs, repairs, cleanup, and all),
  • then I fix up the place to make it into a desirable home (while paying months of space rent),
  • then I have to list the house and sell it quickly as to not pay any more rent space….

Doesn’t it sound reasonable, that after risking money (something realtors don’t do) and… taking the time and hard work to fix it and sell it, I would make much more than a realtor?

Actually, someone who does what I do, should expect to make 3 times or more than a Realtor since they’d be doing 3 times the amount of work AND be risking their own money—that sounds fair enough doesn’t it? But, the reason why I even do this rather than just be a realtor and list homes is that there’s no other option for those who can’t list. So…

  • I want to help those who are at those breaking points.
  • I want them to be relieved from losing their homes because they have an un-sellable home,
  • or they don’t have a month to list it and find a buyer,
  • or they are fed up with everything and they just want to leave today,
  • or the park is going to take away their home and leave them with nothing.

I can’t promise the top dollar for your mobile home…But…

3. What I can promise you is that?
You can sell your mobile home today (or whenever is comfortable)…  as opposed to waiting 2-8 months.

  • Sell your home without lifting a finger for repairs….sell it as-is. We’ll risk putting up $5,000-$10,000 to repair it.
  • Sell your mobile home for cashthe number one problem with selling a used mobile home is that no one will finance it. So if you’re trying to sell a used home you’ll have to find someone with cash, which is a limited number of buyers and will take time.
  • Sell a mobile home hassle-free…we know and understand the process and paperwork it takes to sell one of these bad boys, so we’ll handle the work of title, bill of sale, and home occupancy documents AND you won’t have to clean up any of the mess or clutter you don’t want… leave it behind.
  • Sell your mobile home trailer guaranteed…if we choose to go forth with buying your trailer mobile home, we don’t have any second thoughts because we do this for a living and are always looking to buy mobile homes in Ontario and the Inland Empire.
  • Sell it for a FAIR offer…although like I mentioned it might be below what you wanted for it, however, it will be a fair price while considering the amount of repairs needed, and the time it takes to re-sell it.

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We buy your California mobile home with cash
We can buy your California mobile home with cash! Contact us for an offer

Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out… while still paying a fast, fair, and honest price for your home.

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I buy mobile homes in Ontario, California 91710, 91743, 91758, 91761, 91762, 91764, and all surrounding areas of Southern California. If you’re saying, ” I want to sell my mobile home fast AND I need someone to buy my mobile home today in the Inland Empire”, connect with us… we’d love to make you a fair no-obligation no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose 🙂