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You Can Sell Your Mobile Home in Riverside… Effortlessly… And To a Homebuyer Who Specializes in Manufactured Homes!

Did you know, that none of the “We Buy Houses Riverside” ads you see around town know what to do with your mobile home?

With the rise in the housing industry, there are more and more “home buyers” in Riverside… but do they know what do to with your manufactured/mobile home? 

The quick answer is NO!

Manufactured/mobile homes are very different to handle than a regular single family home. That’s where we come in… we specialize in mobile homes and homeowners who need to sell their mobile/manufactured home fast.

Regardless if it’s…

  • in a park
  • on its own land
  • about to be evicted from the park
  • needs $5,000-$15,000 dollars in repairs
  • it’s vacant
  • can’t afford the space rent
  • need to sell your Riverside home in 7 days
  • inherited
  • or need to sell as-is and fast for whatever reason…

… if you’re looking to sell your mobile home trailer quickly in Riverside or anywhere around that area then we’d like the opportunity to buy your Riverside mobile home from you with cash.

If you’re still reading this, then you’re probably in some sort of situation that’s having you say, “I need to sell my mobile home fast!”, and searching for a home buyer ASAP!

If that’s you, and you want a fast solution… that’s where I step in. I’m looking for more manufactured homes to buy in Riverside and I can help with a fair cash offer. We buy homes in Riverside… in a park or on land!

Very little options for mobile homes

In the mobile home industry, there is usually only 2 options for homeowners. And that’s to list it with a realtor or list it themselves. Both are perfectly good options for those willing to get their hands dirty in repairs… and wait patiently for a good buyer.

However… what about the ones that don’t have that option:

  1. The ones who are forced to sell for some time-limited event in their life?
  2. Or they need to sell for whatever reason but their home is damaged beyond an easy fix which makes the homes appeal un-sellable and they can’t (physically, financially, or emotionally) deal with fixing it up?
  3. Or the ones who are about to lose the home due to back payments owed in rent space and they can’t pay those payments back? They are about to ruin their credit and get NOTHING for their home.
Those type of owners have no other options… except one.

… and that option is writing to you right now.

Most who I’m not able to reach, end up just packing up and leaving the homes for the parks picking. They get NOTHING and they even ruin their credit.

  • But how about a similar way in which you can still pack up and go worry-free while getting some cash in your pocket AND keeping your credit intact?
  • You can sell your mobile house without any hassle and in its as-is condition while moving on with your life…
  • Heck, you can even do this while never leaving the couch until I buy the place.

You might be asking yourself, “Is this going to be a low offer?”

The reality is… I can’t buy mobile homes for retail value. But I can always promise a fair offer. What’s “low” and what is “fair” really depends on what it’s worth for you to sell your Riverside mobile home today hassle-free.

What does “fair” mean?

I can’t promise that I can give you top dollar for your home. But what I can promise is that I base my offer on pure NUMBERS and NOT situations.

That means that I don’t take advantage if you’re in a desperate time in your life. I simply look at the… repair costpark values rent space… and the risk… and base my offer on that.

More expensive than a realtor… and here’s why…

It’s no secret that I’m doing this for a profit.

Because, in order for me to continue offering some homeowners a way out… an option to sell their mobile home quickly found nowhere else… then I have to buy it below retail value. I can’t continue buying homes as-is while helping people move on with SOMETHING in their pocket rather than NOTHING… if I can’t make a reasonable living doing so.

Realtors are going to make $5,000 or more… from just listing your home. AND they inherit none of the risks. They do the easiest part in selling a home.


  • I actually take over your home in its current condition (bugs, repairs, cleanup, and all),
  • then I fix up the place to make it into a desirable home,
  • while still paying the monthly space rent,
  • then I have to list the house and sell it quickly as to not pay any more rent space….

Doesn’t it sound reasonable, that after risking money (something realtors don’t do) and… taking the time and hard work to fix it and sell it, I would make much more than a realtor?

Actually, someone who does what I do, should expect to make 3 times or more than a Realtor since they’d be doing 3 times the amount of work AND be risking their own money—that sounds fair enough doesn’t it?

But the reason why I even do this…

… rather than just be a realtor and list homes… is that there are no other options for those who can’t list. 

  • I want to help those who are at those breaking points.
  • I want them to be relieved from losing their homes because they have an un-sellable home,
  • or they don’t have a month to list it and find a buyer,
  • or they are fed up with everything and they just want to leave today,
  • or the park is going to take away their home and leave them with nothing.

I can’t promise top dollar for your mobile home…

But… What I can promise you is that:

  • You sell your manufactured home today (or whenever is comfortable)…  as opposed to waiting 2-8 months.
  • Sell your house without lifting a finger for repairs… sell it as-is. We’ll risk putting up $5,000-$10,000 to repair it
  • Sell your mobile home for all-cash… the number one problem with selling a used mobile home is that no one will finance it. So if you’re trying to sell a used home you’ll have to find someone with cash, which is a limited number of buyers and will take time.
  • Sell a home hassle-free… we know and understand the process and paperwork it takes to sell one of these bad boys, so we’ll handle the work of title, bill of sale, and home occupancy documents AND you won’t have to clean up any of the mess or clutter you don’t want… leave it behind.
  • Sell your mobile home trailer guaranteed… if we choose to go forth with buying your trailer mobile home, we don’t have any second thoughts because we do this for a living and are always looking to buy mobile homes in Riverside and the Inland Empire.
  • Sell your mobile house for a FAIR offer… although like I mentioned it might be below what you wanted for it, however, it will be a fair price while considering the number of repairs needed, and the time it takes to re-sell it.


… getting the peace of mind knowing your trailer/house is sold today (regardless of what it looks like or what it smells like, and regardless of what your leave behind)… without… all the hassle of listing it and finding a buyer.


We can guarantee you a quick and hassle-free sale of your mobile home in California regardless of the situation.

Mobile home buyers are few and thin. And on top of that, home buyers in the regular single family residence are a dime-a-dozen and none of them know what to do with mobile homes. IE Mobile Home Buyer specialize in mobile homes… that’s all we do, and we are good at it.

But please hurry because we have limited cash to buy mobile homes

… since finding a professional mobile home buyer is a needle in the haystack, and we (Kelly and Paul) are just two normal guys who don’t have an unlimited amount of money, we can’t buy every mobile home.

Plus… the longer you wait the harder it is to sell if you are behind in rent space….The closer you get to eviction date the greedier the park gets. They can actually deny you the sale of your home if you’ve waited too long (has happened many times).

we buy Riverside mobile homes
Sell your mobile home in[amrket_city] effortlessly!

So, secure your house sale ASAP before it’s too late, even if you need a month to pack, that’s not a problem… but secure your peace of mind today while we can buy your home.

Our offer is guaranteed and of no-obligation.

Call today to find out how we can help: (909) 255-9212

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

Start the easy process and instant offer by giving us your email and phone number. It's no obligation and completely free to find out.
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  1. Make it easy on yourself
  2. Avoid the costs of a realtor
  3. Sell it today… or two weeks from now if you need time
  4. Avoid any hassle
  5. Get a fair offer
  6. Avoid months of waiting to see whether or not a buyer will be interested… we are interested now!
  7. Work with a trusted, small, and professional company here in the I.E.

We buy homes in Riverside, California 92501 92503 92505 92507 92513 92515 92517 92522 92502 92504 92508 92506 92514 92516 92522,  and all surrounding areas of the Inland Empire. If you’re saying, ” I want to sell my mobile home fast AND I need someone to buy my mobile home today in the Inland Empire”, connect with us… we’d love to make you a fair no-obligation no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose 🙂