Why Zillow is dead Wrong on what your mobile home in Hemet is worth…

… And 3 ways to value it accurately.

As soon as I’m interested in buying a house somewhere, I immediately go to Zillow (or Redfin). 

It’s easy… it’s convenient…

But let me share with you a “secret” that can kill any progress in selling your mobile home fast in Hemet Ca. The Zillow estimator that many rely on…  is DEAD WRONG when it comes to finding out what your manufactured home (on land) is worth. 

Proof… You say?  

If you’ve seen the news recently… Zillow joined the “iBuyer” movement a few years ago. But they dropped out faster than a ton of bricks. The reason is, they realized that their AI sucks (badly) when it comes to estimating an accurate value. 

But that’s not all… 

Zillow can’t tell the difference between a manufactured house and a single-family home. 

Those two, are far different in price. 

… especially if your mobile home on land, was built before June 1976.

(see our article on Pre-1976 homes)

I hate to burst your bubble, but, many come to us frustrated because their agent can’t sell their manufactured house, or they can’t sell it “For Sale Be Owner”. And one of the first things I noticed is the pricing is way off. They have been comparing their home to new single-family homes, which is like comparing Apples to Pears. 

Here’s this screenshot of a manufactured home (on land) that sold in Hemet: 

You’ll notice a few things: 

  1. The person OWNS the lot (this isn’t a mobile home park)
  2. It’s been freshly remodeled (not a cheap remodel either) 
  3. It’s somewhat large for a manufactured home (4 beds and over 1,200 sqft)
  4. Large lot

And see this mobile home that sold for $268,000: 

Notice these facts:

  1. The person OWNS the lot (looks like a park but I verified that the lot is owned)
  2. House is neat and tidy
  3. It’s very large

Then see these Single-family homes and their prices: 

You’ll notice that the sizes and bedrooms are comparable… but…

The prices are completely different!

Even agents miss the up if they don’t that manufactured houses in Hemet, go for a different price than single-family; they aren’t comparable.

So, I’m here to show you some ways to be a better home evaluator than Zillow and even some agents. 

  1. Using Zillow… the right way

We’ve already touched on this with some screenshots, but you want to compare apples to apples. That means comparing similar SOLD homes. Too often, people will say things like: “Well Realtor Joe has the home down the street listed for $XXX,XXX”. But, the listing price is usually not accurate. 

They move up and down, and when it finally sells, it can be drastically different than their listing price (happens quite a bit with manufactured homes because agents and “For Sale By Owner” didn’t get the pricing right (which drags out the selling process). Go with homes that SOLD. Find them on Zillow and filter out the single-family homes and make sure that you weed out the mobile homes in a park (if yours is on land)… Those are worth significantly less than your house because they don’t own the land.

Compare size

You also want to compare “LIKE” homes. Meaning… look at homes that are manufactured, on land, similar square footage to yours. If there’s enough data, make sure you only look at manufactured houses that have only a 10%-20% difference in square footage.  

Compare bedroom count

Bedroom count and size are what matter the most for buyers. These things have a huge impact on price. So it’s important to compare like bedroom counts. If there’s a lack of data, it’s ok to use a 3 bedroom house to compare with a 4 bedroom house. Just know that your 4-bed will be slightly more— if you have more square footage. Just don’t use a 2-bed house to compare with a 3 or 4 bed. Those are very different in price. 

NOTE: keep in mind there are weird houses that may be huge but have only 2 bedrooms. Those will obviously go for more than your typical 2-bed house. 

Compare neighborhoods

To give your price even more juice… compare homes that are in similar neighborhoods—preferably the same neighborhood as yours if there’s enough data. 

Using other platforms

Don’t neglect other sites you can use as well. Sometimes they may have data Zillow doesn’t. You can use Redfin or Realtor.com. The absolute best when it comes to looking at sold data is the MLS. But you need to be a licensed real estate agent to have that data. 

  1. Call an agent

And I don’t mean just any agent. Most agents only deal with single-family houses and will look at your manufactured house with an empty head on what to do with it (but they won’t tell you). Selling a mobile home in Hemet is not the same as a single-family house (because you can’t get a traditional loan on some mobile homes). So, make sure you ask the agent if they have sold any manufactured homes in Hemet. Then, ask for any idea of what your manufactured home is worth. 

They most likely will come over to push you to sign a listing contract for 6 months (which obligates them to get PAID if the house sells). So if you can afford to fix it up, wait months for a buyer, and deal with the hassle, you might want to consider taking that agent up on the offer… (again… as long he/she understands mobile homes). 

  1. Contact us for a cash offer 

And finally, for the grand finale option to figuring out what your home is worth… you can always contact us.

We offer different solutions that you won’t find anywhere else. For instance, is the home vacant and you’re dealing with squatters? We can help. 

Or are you going through the probate process? We’re very experienced in getting homes saved and moved out of the probate courts. 

Or dealing with a foreclosure or tax default? We’ve saved many homes about to go into auction and even paid the late tax bill several times. 

Regardless of the situation… with us you’ll enjoy:

  • A fair cash offer
  • Selling your home AS-IS (bugs, cracks, dust, and in all)
  • Leaving your unwanted items behind (unlike traditional buyers, we don’t care what you leave behind, our contractors take care of it)
  • A fast sale (in 2 weeks… or as long you need to it be)
  • No commission or closing costs  (we don’t charge you the 10% fees that come with selling a home the traditional way)
  • Only one appointment (unlike having open houses and multiple buyers going in and out, once you contact us, we just need one appointment with you and you can consider your house sold after.)

If you’re ready to get a fair, no-obligation, as-is cash offer… 

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